Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

A former patient at Penn State Children’s Hospital

At Penn State Children’s Hospital, patient satisfaction is a priority for us.

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Brave and precious Max

Brave and precious Max"Thank you Penn State Children’s Hospital! You were our home for most of November and we could not have asked for better medical professionals to take care of our precious son, Max as he bravely fought HUS. (Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome) We are happy to report that he is doing well and seemingly back to his normal self. You will always hold a special place in our hearts!" – Rebecca Peters

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Future Penn State Doctor

Future Penn State Doctor"Not only is the [Penn State Hershey] technology so great now but without the wonderful, amazing, caring and talented staff that all take care of our Heart Warriors we wouldn’t have the miracles we do!! They are all so amazing!! Dr. Clark, Dr. Myers, Dr. Weber, Dr. Aluquin, Penny and Emily in the PICU and so many wonderful nurses. Thankful for my son Grayson, 2 years old, and 3 open heart surgeries and 3 caths but doing great! We are so unbelievable grateful to you all!! You are not alone! We are one big heart family! And one big Penn State Hershey family!" – Stephanie Smith

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Going home

Going Home"We are GOING HOME !!! Wahoooo!!! I want to THANK everyone for their prayers also thank you to Penn State Hershey for the wonderful care they have provided us! – Prayers and Cares for Kiba"

RIGHT: Mr. Was up at 2:30 am just singing, so I took him for a ride!!

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3-years and fading

3-years and fading"Thank you to the pediatric derma-tologists at Hershey. Look how much her hemangioma has faded!!" – Karen Ward Ottaviano

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