Tethered Lingual Frenulum

Tethered Lingual Frenulum

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Tethered lingual frenulum, ankyloglossia or "tongue-tied"

These three terms refer to the same problem. Some babies are born with their tongues tethered or stuck to the floor of their mouths. This may make feeding difficult in the newborn period. This problem is most often recognized by nursing moms and lactation (breastfeeding) specialists who help them.

Pediatric surgeons at Penn State Children’s Hospital correct a tethered lingual frenulum. The procedure to release tethered lingual frenulum is performed in the newborn nursery or in the office.

Later in infancy or childhood, a tethered lingual frenulum may cause concerns with speech impairment. This problem is corrected in the operating room with a brief anesthetic.

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