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Appendicitis is a common problem in children. The appendix is usually found in the lower right lower part of the abdomen. It may become inflamed or infected, resulting in acute appendicitis. Surgeons remove the appendix (most commonly using video-endoscopic / laparoscopic techniques) to treat acute appendicitis. Hospital stays are usually short and recovery is usually prompt.

If appendicitis progresses and perforation occurs (burst appendix, ruptured appendix), serious infection occurs. Treatment of perforated appendix is more complex. Several procedures may be required. Longer antibiotic treatment is necessary and hospitalization may be prolonged.

Pediatric Surgeons at Penn State Children's Hospital treat all forms of appendicitis in children up to age 18 years of age. They have a large experience in the treatment of this common problem using the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. Penn State Children’s Hospital is a world leader in the use of MRI to diagnose appendicitis in children.

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