Rehabilitation - Patient Care and Treatment

Rehabilitation - Patient Care and Treatment

Pediatric Rehabilitation Program at Penn State Children’s Hospital offers a safe, secure and supportive environment for children with rehabilitative needs

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Pediatric Rehabilitation helps kids recover

Our Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at 1135 Old West Chocolate Avenue, Hummelstown, PA, is a 10-bed unit that offers a safe and secure setting for patients from birth to age 21. Our goal is help them function better physically - and to aid their emotional well-being throughout recovery. 

We work with pediatric specialists, referring doctors, schools, the family and the child to set care goals and track progress. We also help families find other services and resources. Our pediatric unit offers child-sized equipment and furniture, plus games, puzzles and activities in a colorful, cheerful setting.

Penn State Children’s Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation Program offers inpatient acute rehabilitation services to children with brain injury, trauma, spinal cord injury, bone and joint disorders. 

Brain Injury Program

This program helps children recover motor, language, and self-care skills after having a brain injury, stroke or brain surgery. The care team includes:

  • Doctors who are experts at treating brain injuries in children
  • Experienced nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Social worker
  • Nurse trained in rehab
  • Special education teacher
  • Family

A special part of this service is the Minimally Conscious Child and Adolescent program, which provides intensive rehabilitation for kids who have a severe brain injury from trauma or lack of oxygen. We admit children who show very limited signs of awareness or movement, and use a specially designed protocol of treatments, including specialized therapy and medicine to help them reach greater awareness and movement.

Each child’s family as an important part of the team.

Multiple Trauma and Mobility Disorders

We treat children with different kinds of problems from illness or injury, including:

  • Trouble with walking or using hands due to injuries
  • Serious burns
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  • Brain infections or long illness 

Spinal Cord Injury Program

We help kids regain motor, language and self-care skills after having a spinal cord injury. We also teach parents and/or caregivers the skills, training and strategies to provide excellent care at home.

Orthopaedic and General Rehabilitation

We help children heal from or manage problems with bones and joints (musculoskeletal system). This includes broken bones, sports injuries or other trauma.

Outpatient Programs

Day Program

Some patients live at home while they have full-day therapy through Penn State Outpatient Rehabilitation Center’s Comprehensive Day Program. This works well for people who need a lot of rehabilitation, but don’t need round-the-clock hospital care.

The therapies take place in a structured, supervised environment. We help children and adults regain function, independence and daily routines. So they can get back to their active lives.

Most patients come five days a week. This includes both individual and group:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Therapeutic recreation  

Patients practice skills on their own with help and supervision. Each day lasts about five to seven hours, and may include visits with neuropsychology, medical and social work. We take patients on outings to practice their skills.

The care team meets regularly to plan, assess and adjust each patient’s care plan. We appreciate the family’s input and share reports regularly.

Brain Injury Continuing Care Clinic

We offer continued care for children and teen inpatients in the pediatric acute brain injury program. This added care helps:

  • Adjust medicine as needed
  • Review outpatient therapy
  • Provide direction for therapists
  • Address return to school

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