Visit a Patient

Visit a Patient

A visit from family and friends can brighten a child’s day at the Children’s Hospital.

A visit from family and friends can make a real difference for a child receiving care at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

COVID-19 Patient Visitation Policy

Penn State Health is committed to the safety of patients, staff, visitors and the general public. We are currently only permitting family/support persons to accompany patients within our facilities. With exceptions in certain cases, one family/support person is permitted per patient per day. Per the visitation restriction policy, no visitors, aside from patient-designated family/support persons, are allowed at this time.

Our CareLine representatives are happy to answer your questions.

Call the CareLine

The CareLine is available 6 a.m.-10 p.m., 7 days a week, holidays included, to answer questions about your visit.
Call 800-243-1455 (toll-free).

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Penn State Health Visitation Restriction Policy

Penn State Health recognizes that family is an integral part of the care team. Family/support persons are permitted to be on-site in limited fashion to facilitate patient- and family-centered care under the guidelines below. Those who are not a patient’s family/support person are not permitted to visit on-site at this time.

We strongly encourage family/support persons to connect with your loved one virtually using technology such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. We are happy to facilitate this should you need assistance.

General Visitation Guidelines for Family/Support Persons

Anyone wishing to enter any Penn State Health facility will be screened for COVID-19; no one with symptoms will be permitted to enter. Everyone entering our facilities must wear a mask and adhere to appropriate social distancing guidelines when possible.

Family/support persons must be 18 years of age or older, unless they are a parent of a pediatric patient or the partner of a laboring patient.

Patients who have an intellectual, developmental or cognitive disability, communication barrier or behavioral concerns will be permitted one attendant, caregiver or family/support person in accordance with federal and state law.

Family/support persons are expected to respect the privacy and health care needs of the patient. In the event a family/support person becomes disruptive, uncooperative, threatening or presents any safety risk to patients or staff, their visitation privileges may be revoked.

Guidelines for Family/Support Persons for Inpatient Visitations

  • Adult patients who are COVID-19 negative are permitted one family/support person visitor per day.
  • Pediatric patients are permitted one parent/guardian visitor per day.
  • Labor and Delivery patients are permitted one family/support person for the entire duration of the stay.

Guidelines for Family/Support Persons for Outpatient Surgery

  • Adult patients are permitted one family/support person. Family/support person won’t be allowed in Pre-Op and will be reunited when the patient is in Post-Op Phase 2.
  • Pediatric patients may have one parent/guardian accompany them throughout the surgical process, with the exception of the operating room.

Guidelines for Family/Support Persons for Outpatient Procedural Areas

  • If the procedure requires moderate sedation and a responsible driver, one family/support person may accompany an adult patient.
  • For pediatric patients, one parent/guardian is permitted per patient.

Guidelines for Family/Support Persons for the Emergency Department

  • Due to space limitations, family/support persons may not visit adult patients.
  • Pediatric patients are allowed one parent/guardian to accompany them.

Guidelines for Family/Support Persons for Outpatient Clinic Visits

  • Some clinics may not be able to allow a family/support person to accompany their adult patients. Please contact your appointment location for guidance.
  • For pediatric patients, one parent/guardian is permitted per patient.

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