Neonatal Intensive Care - Patient Education and Resources

Neonatal Intensive Care - Patient Education and Resources

Our providers at Penn State Children's Hospital

Special programs and assistance support you and your family while your baby is cared for at our Children’s Hospital in the NICU.

Ask questions - 717-531-8941

Additional resources

We want to make sure patients and families have the resources they need.  Whether it is lodging for out of town visitors, post-operative care for the patient, support groups for the family, or financial support, we are here as your resource. If you have any questions, please call our office at 717-531-8413.

Family Care Conferences in the NICU

Our providers and staff believe in family-centered care. This means, we partner with our families to make sure they are involved in all aspects of care for their babies at the level they choose.

One of the ways we encourage our families to be involved is having family care conferences at certain points during your baby’s stay. These are opportunities for our families to meet the care team away from the bedside to ask questions and understand the plan of care.

If you would like to schedule a family care conference, please ask your bedside nurse, social worker, or care

NICU Parent Support Program

The NICU Parent Support Program provides support to families with children with special needs.

We work with Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania, connects families who currently have a baby in the NICU with other families who previously have had a baby in the NICU.

When you have a baby in the NICU, it is difficult and overwhelming. Having someone who has been through similar circumstances can help.

All NICU Parent Supporters have received extensive training on a variety of topics, including how to be a great mentor. They stand by to support new parents through this challenging time.

If you are interested in being matched to a NICU Parent Supporter, call Parent to Parent of PA at 888-727-2706. When you call, a regional coordinator asks you questions about your baby and family needs. Based upon this information, the coordinator determines which NICU Parent Supporter would be most helpful to you. You should expect a call within forty-eight hours. It’s that simple. Together, you and the NICU Parent Supporter will determine future contacts. Each match is unique, and the number of contacts preferred by one caller may be different than that preferred by another caller. Sometimes, lifelong friendships develop.

Financial Support

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