Hummingbird Program - Care Teams and Locations

Hummingbird Program - Care Teams and Locations

The Hummingbird Program care team at Penn State Children’s Hospital offers palliative care in the hospital, outpatient clinic and hematology/oncology clinic.

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Hummingbird ProgramThe Hummingbird Program works with your child’s care team to provide palliative and supportive care. We want to help improve the quality of life for your child and your family. Our care team sees patients in the hospital, as well as the outpatient and infusion clinics listed below.


Medical Director

Michelle Freemen, M.D., Medical Director

Michelle Freeman, MD

Program Manager

Deana Deeter, CRNP, Program Manager

Deana Deeter, CRNP

Nurse Coordinator

Nicole Hahnlen, RN

Nicole Hahnlen, RN

Clinical Counselor/Bereavement Support

Megan Youtz, Clinical Counselor

Megan Youtz, MSCC, LPC