Hospital Medicine - About

Hospital Medicine - About

Pediatric Hospital Medicine has hospitalists, a group of children’s doctors who focus on caring for kids who have been admitted to the hospital. Hospitalists work closely with the child’s primary care provider and any specialists helping in the clinical care of the patients. They also help the family understand the child’s treatment, recovery plan, and understand the hospital system. 

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Our mission

Pediatric Hospital Medicine has a group of children’s doctors called pediatric hospitalists. These doctors mainly focus on caring for infants, children and teens who are staying in the hospital. 
Why hospitalists?
In the past, family doctors took care of their own patients if they were in the hospital. Over the years, hospitals started using their own doctors to focus on inpatient care. Hospitals can be confusing places. Because they work in a single hospital, hospitalists learn the ins-and-outs of that one hospital and know how to use its resources to help patients. 
Research shows that care by a pediatric hospitalist may lead to:
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Lower health care costs 
  • More satisfied families
How our staff helps with inpatient care
The Pediatric Hospital Medicine staff often calls on the family’s doctor to tell us more about the patient while the child is staying in the hospital. Many patients also have other specialists such as heart or lung doctors. Our hospitalists work closely with primary care providers along with specialists from Penn State Children’s Hospital and other centers in the region. This helps make sure each child gets the right care.
Here to help after the hospital
When a child who is under a hospitalist’s care goes home, the family’s primary provider gets a note that sums up the child’s stay and tells how to help with care once the child is home. We also opened the Transitory Care Clinic to see patients within three to seven days after the child goes home. This helps make sure the after-care plan is working, review and address any pending labs or studies and that the patient and family have their needs met and questions answered.

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