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Clinical trials

Clinical trials help test new drugs or treatments. Cancer clinical trials are conducted to answer questions about preventing, treating, diagnosing or managing cancer, its symptoms or treatment effects.

Penn State Children’s Hospital has a long history of excellence in conducting clinical research and trials. Through clinical trials, we have helped to advance the treatment of a number of cancers. We take great care to ensure the scientific integrity and ethical conduct of trials.

Find more information at the Penn State Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Office. Researchers can find templates for protocol development, and links for submitting forms to the Scientific Review Committee and the Data and Safety Monitoring Board.

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Clinical research

The Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology participates in clinical trials through:

As members of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), our doctors and nurses are involved in the development and management of treatments used internationally to treat children with cancer. This provides our patients with access to the most advanced clinical trials available for cancer. It is through this participation by institutions worldwide that the cure rates for cancer have improved from a universally fatal disease to one that carries an 80 percent long-term survival rate.

Our research is supported by: 

Four Diamonds Pediatric Oncology Research Center

Founded in 1996, our Four Diamonds Pediatric Oncology Research Center is making discoveries that will ultimately save the lives of children with cancer. Four Diamonds' outstanding physician-scientists, scientists and their teams are focused on learning more about how cancer forms, how it can be treated and how treatments can be made to be more effective while minimizing the long-term side effects. With membership in leading national research consortiums, the Penn State Children's Hospital is able to offer clinical trials to pediatric cancer patients and to children who relapse in the course of our care, opening up new treatment avenues that they otherwise would not have access to normally.