Cardiology - Patient Education and Resources

Cardiology - Patient Education and Resources

Find educational activities and resources for kids with heart problems from Penn State Children’s Heart Group.

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Penn State Children’s Hospital, with support from Ellie’s Heart Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and other organizations, offers a week-long camp for children with repaired congenital heart defects. Camp Lionheart provides these children with an opportunity to experience summer camp, meet other children who are facing the same or similar heart conditions and learn more about their own heart condition and living a full life with it.

Educational activities and resources

Penn State Children’s Heart Group is proud to provide education activities and resources to patients in our area - and throughout the world. We offer the following resources:

American Heart Association (AHA) Youth Health Movement - Penn State Children’s Heart Group partners with the regional chapter of the American Heart Association in central Pennsylvania to provide heart healthy activities and educational materials to families in central Pennsylvania. School districts in the region receive training on “hands only” CPR and healthy lifestyles. The AHA and the Children’s Heart Group also co-sponsor activities to support basic science research in pediatric cardiology.

Camp Lionheart – Penn State Children’s Heart Group offers a week-long summer camp for children with cardiomyopathy or congenital heart defects who have undergone open heart surgery. The camp is offered free of charge to boys and girls ages 12 to 18. Campers spend time with other kids like them, learning more about their hearts and their physical abilities. The camp is funded, in part, by donations from Ellie’s Heart Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Heart Group. Click here to learn more about Camp Lionheart: A place for young heart warriors.

Ecuador Mission – Since the 1990s, Jack Myers, MD, Steven Cyran, MD, and the Penn State Children’s Heart Group have performed pediatric cardiac surgery in underserved regions in South America. The group travels to Ecuador one to two times per year.

My Penn State Health

Penn State Children’s Hospital offers patients the ability to connect with their doctor online by using a secure website called My Penn State Health. This online tool allows you to:

  • Manage upcoming appointments
  • Check test and lab results
  • Communicate with your doctor through secure messaging
  • View or print health related documents from home

You can sign up for our online patient portal during an appointment by providing an email address, and our staff will send you an invitation. Any child age 14 to 17 will need to be present and give their written consent for parents to view their health records, and patients over the age of 18 must manage their own account.