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Residency Programs - Pediatric - Program Faculty

Residency Programs - Pediatric - Program Faculty

Meet the program leadership team and physicians who comprise the Pediatric Residency Program at Penn State Children’s Hospital.


We accept applications through ERAS. Learn more about the ERAS process.

Leslie Walker-Harding, M.D., new chair, Children's Hospital

Leslie Walker-Harding, MD
Department of Pediatrics

Brandon Smith, M.D.

Brandon Smith, MD
Program Director
Pediatric Residency Program

Ronald Williams, M.D.

Ronald Williams, MD
Program Director
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program

Jennifer Miller, M.D.

Jennifer Miller, MD
Associate Program Director
Pediatric Residency Program

Deborah Kees-Folts, M.D.

Deborah Kees-Folts, MD
Associate Program Director
Pediatric Residency Program

Natalya Fish, M.D.

Natalya Fish, MD
Associate Program Director
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program

Punit Jhaveri, M.D.

Punit Jhaveri, MD
Director of Individualized Education
Pediatric Residency Program

Jody Ross, M.D.

Jody Ross, MD
Continuity Clinic Director
Pediatric Residency Program


Kristen Lutzkanin, M.D., Chief Resident, Pediatrics

Kristen Lutzkanin, MD
Chief Resident 2016-2017
Pediatric Residency Program

John Park, M.D., Chief Resident, Pediatrics

John Park, MD
Chief Resident 2016-2017
Pediatric Residency Program


Academic General Pediatrics

  • Ian Paul, MD (Division Chief)
  • Sarah Iriana, MD (Associate Division Chief)
  • Jennifer Miller, MD (Director, Newborn Nursery)
  • Mark Baker, MD
  • Cheston Berlin, MD (Director, PKU and TIC Disorders)
  • Lisa Carlson, MD
  • Kathryn Crowell, MD
  • Charles Darowish, DO
  • Tori Demartini, MD
  • Laura Duda, MD
  • Heidi Erdman, MD
  • Benjamin Fogel, MD
  • Nicole Hackman, MD
  • Steven Hicks, MD
  • Banku Jairath, MD
  • Kelly Kline, DO
  • Kelly Leite, DO
  • Benjamin Levi, MD
  • Brittany Massare, MD
  • Laura Murphy, MD
  • Abigail Myers, MD
  • Jody Ross, MD
  • Deepa Sekhar, MD
  • Alawia Suliman, MD
  • Denise Telford-Wren, DO
  • Mark Widome, MD

Adolescent Medicine

  • Rollyn Ornstein, MD (Division Chief)
  • Leslie Walker-Harding, MD (Department Chair)
  • Jodi Brady-Olympia, MD
  • Julie Header, DO
  • Katie McHale, DO (Milton Hershey School)
  • Marsha Novick, MD (Director, Weight Management)
  • Jennifer Seidenberg, MD
  • Jennifer Wallace, MD (Milton Hershey School)

Allergy and Immunology

  • Tracy Fausnight, MD (Division Chief)
  • Neeti Bhardwaj, MD
  • Alexandra Horwitz, MD
  • Pooja Jhaveri, MD


  • Patrick McQuillan, MD (Director)
  • Carolyn Barbieri, MD
  • Melissa Coleman, MD
  • Priti Dalal, MD
  • Padmani Dhar, MD
  • Shannon Grap, MD
  • Robyn Iglehart, MD
  • James Mooney, MD
  • Uma Parekh, MBBS
  • Young-Ok Park, MD
  • Milena Pilipovic, MD
  • Jansie Prozesky, MB, ChB
  • Niraja Rajan, MBBS
  • Khaled Sedeek, MD
  • Gregory Weller, MD


  • Thomas Chin, MD (Division Chief)
  • Vincent Aluquin, MD
  • Dennis Chang, MD
  • Mark Cohen, MD (Electrophysiology)
  • Stephen Cyran, MD
  • Thomas Dispenza, MD
  • Jason Imundo, MD (Electrophysiology)
  • Michele Monaco, MD
  • Linda Pauliks, MD
  • Robert Tunks, MD (Cardiac MRI, Fetal Echo)
  • Howard Weber, MD (Interventional)
  • Timothy Wolfe, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Brian Clark, MD (Division Chief)
  • John Myers, MD

Child Abuse

  • Lori Frasier, MD (Division Chief)
  • Kent Hymel, MD
  • Kathryn Crowell, MD

Critical Care

  • Gary Ceneviva, MD, (Division Chief)
  • Theodore Demartini, MD
  • Michael Dettorre, DO (Director, Home Vent.)
  • Scott Halstead, MD
  • Robert Kavanagh, MD
  • Conrad Krawiec, MD
  • Steven Lucking, MD
  • Toah Nkromah, DO
  • Neal Thomas, MD
  • Adrian Zurca, MD


  • Andrea Zaenglein, M.D.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

  • Cheryl Tierney, MD (Section Chief)
  • Mark Barros, MD
  • Jeanette Ramer, MD

Emergency Medicine

  • Gail Rudnitsky, MD (Division Chief)
  • Robert Olympia, MD
  • Lilia Reyes, MD


  • Daniel Hale, MD (Division Chief)
  • Kanthi Bangalore Krishna, MD
  • Ying Chang, MD
  • Peter Lee, MD


  • Douglas Field, MD (Division Chief)
  • Chandran Alexander, MD
  • Tolulope Falaiye, MD
  • Craig Hillemeier, MD (Dean, College of Med.)
  • Punit Jhaveri, MD
  • Marc Schaefer, MD
  • William Wenner, MD


  • Roger Ladda, MD (Division Chief)
  • Patricia Gordon, MD


  • Barbara Miller, MD (Division Chief)
  • Mustafa Barbour, MD
  • Valerie Brown, MD (Director, Experimental Therapy)
  • Smita Dandekar, MD (Director, Survivorship Program)
  • Sinisa Dovat, MD (Director, Translational Research)
  • Andrew Freiberg, MD
  • Chandrika Gowda, MD
  • Robert Greiner, MD (Director, Stem Cell Transplant)
  • Lisa McGregor, MD (Clinical Director)
  • John Neely, MD
  • Pooja Rao, MD
  • Gayle Smink, MD
  • Frederico Xavier, MD (Director, Hematology)

Hospital Medicine

  • Michael Beck, MD (Division Chief)
  • Justen Aprile, MD
  • Colin Bridgeman, MD
  • Sheila Clark, MBChB
  • Carrie Daymont, MD
  • Kristin Disori, MD
  • Christine Irvin, MD
  • Parvathi Kumar, MD
  • Margaret Mikula, MD (Medical Director of Quality/Safety)
  • Chris Mmuo, MBBS
  • Sheila Nguyen, MD
  • Christopher O'Hara, MD
  • Brandon Smith, MD
  • Ronald Williams, MD

Infectious Diseases

  • George McSherry, MD (Division Chief)
  • John Dossett, MD (Director, HIV)
  • Jessica Ericson, MD


  • Deborah Kees-Folts, MD (Division Chief)
  • Steven Wassner, MD


  • William Trescher, MD (Division Chief)
  • Shelia Asghar, MD
  • Debra Byler, MD
  • Ashutosh Kumar, MD
  • Andrea Loeffert, DO (Headache Clinic)
  • Gayatra Mainali, MD
  • Rowena Rivera, MD


  • Mark Dias, MD (Director)
  • Mark Iantosca, MD.
  • Elias Rizk, MD
  • Michael Sather, MD

Newborn Medicine (Neonatology)

  • Charles Palmer, MB, BCh (Division Chief)
  • Tammy Corr, DO
  • Kristen Glass, MD
  • Mitchell Kresch, MD
  • Dennis Mujsce, MD (Medical Director)
  • Christiana Oji-Mmuo, MD
  • Timothy Palmer, MD
  • Meenakshi Singh, MBBS


  • Amanda Ely, MD
  • Kimberly Neely, MD
  • Ajay Soni, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Douglas Armstrong, MD (Director)
  • Kristine Fortuna, MD
  • William Hennrikus, MD
  • Scott Sorenson, MD


  • Jason May, MD

Palliative Care

  • Michelle Freeman, MD

Plastic Surgery

  • Donald Mackay, MD
  • Cathy R. Henry, MD
  • Thomas Samson, MD


  • James Waxmonsky, MD (Division Chief)
  • Raman Baweja, MD
  • Ailyn Diaz, MD
  • Usman Hameed, MD
  • Jolene Hillwig-Garcia, MD
  • Martha Levine, MD
  • Fauzia Mahr, MD
  • Salman Majeed, MD
  • Richard Mattison, MD
  • Michael Murray, MD
  • Christopher Petersen, MD
  • Lidija Petrovic-Dovat, MD
  • Ehsan Syed, MD

Pulmonology/Cystic Fibrosis

  • Gavin Graff, MD (Division Chief)
  • Pritish Mondal, MD
  • Harish Rao, MD
  • Daniel Rifkin, MD
  • Binu-John Sankoorikal, MD
  • Roopa Siddaiah, MD


  • Sosamma Methratta, MD (Division Chief)
  • James Brian, MD
  • Danielle Boal, MD
  • Michael Hulse, DO
  • Michael Moore, MD

Rehabilitation and Development

  • Jeanette Ramer, MD (Division Chief)
  • Harry Bramley, DO (Director, Concussion Program)


  • Lisabeth Scalzi, MD (Division Chief)
  • C. April Bingham, MD
  • Natalya Fish, MD
  • Brandt Groh, MD
  • Barbara Ostrov, MD


  • Robert Cilley, MD (Division Chief)
  • Peter Dillon, MD (Chair, Department of Surgery)
  • Brett Engbrecht, MD (Director, Pediatric Trauma)
  • Kerry Fagelman, MD
  • Kathryn Martin, MD
  • Dorothy Rocourt, MD
  • Mary Catherine Santos, MD
  • Anthony Tsai, MD


  • Ross Decter, MD (Division Chief)
  • Amy Burns, MD
Penn State Hershey
Penn State Childrens
Penn State College of Medicine
Penn State University